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Student Life

Make Your Views Known

91Ƶ is committed to listening to its students and to taking their views into account in the development of our courses and their delivery.

During your time at 91Ƶ, you will be offered a number of opportunities to provide feedback on your course of study, your lecturers and to have your say generally on how the University is run. 91Ƶ and its Students’ Union regularly conduct surveys and support Class Representatives and Course Champions on a number of 91Ƶ's Committees.

91Ƶ Students’ Union serves as the official student voice within 91Ƶ. Led by our Vice Presidents', who is elected annually by fellow 91Ƶ students, has the responsibility of representing the interests and concerns of the student body and of communicating any issues raised by faculty or administration to students.

Becoming the Vice President can build key business skills: you will gain first-hand experience in high-level decision-making, communication, public speaking, and negotiating (to name just a few) which will look great on your CV.

Interested in getting your voice heard? Why not stand in the next 91Ƶ Election! Get in touch with your Students’ Union today to find out more.

Have some feedback you want to be seen now? Head to the 

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