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Student Life

91Ƶ Students' Union

If you are a student studying at 91Ƶ, you are now a member of the 91Ƶ Students' Union, Welcome!

We’re a charity that supports students through university and exist to make your experience the best it can be. We’re independent of 91Ƶ which means YOU get to decide how we’re run and what we do. We believe students are the most important part of our community – so from your first day to your graduation, 91Ƶ Students’ Union will be by your side, making sure your voice is heard and your time at university is as amazing as it can be.


Our union is led entirely by students, so each year we hold elections for student representatives and for two Vice Presidents (VPs) who act on behalf of all students’ views. The students who become our VPs gain direct access to the senior management team of the university, their own campaigns budget, and a team of Students’ Union staff to support them in improving the student experience. Your VPs for this year are and !


Being available and accessible to all students is a big priority for us. We understand the busy lives of students, so work hard to be as flexible as possible for you. You can connect with us over email, our website, social media, or through our virtual drop-ins.

Speak Up

Every single student has a voice and the right to use it. Each year we elect student representatives (class reps and course champions) to gather as much feedback as they can to take forward to the Vice President of the university. Working together with our student reps, we can make real change happen. We provide effective training for all of our student reps, and accompany them to Student-Staff Liaison Committees where your opinions are presented.


We believe that university is more than just studying. We are passionate about maximising your development whilst you’re with us and have placed employability at the heart of our activity. All opportunities and roles that we offer, both paid and voluntary, will provide you with a unique and important set of skills. We work closely with the employability team at the university to put on events to support your development, so keep an eye out for those.

Reach Out

Life can be hard sometimes with plenty of unexpected hurdles to jump over. As one of our members, you have access to our free, confidential, and impartial advice service. Our wonderful advisers are here to help you with any tough decisions you are faced with, both academically and personally. You just need to , and one of our advisers will meet with you for a 1-1 appointment.

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We want every single one of you to get the absolute most out of your time at 91Ƶ. Our vision is to make a difference for every student. It's our mission for every student to discover new things, build friendships and love the time at 91Ƶ.

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