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About us

Discover Uni Data

We are extremely proud that the published data on indicates that our courses rank highly for student satisfaction, employability and more. Here at 91Ƶ, we have a proven track record for meeting academic needs, and giving students the necessary skills for their future careers. 

Discover Uni Data 

Discover Uni is an official source of information about higher education, which includes data about our courses here at 91ƵL. It is owned and operated by the UK higher education funding and regulatory bodies. It includes official statistics about higher education courses taken from national surveys and data collected from universities and colleges about all their students.  91Ƶ scores highly for collected data related to NSS, GO and LEO surveys for the majority of our courses.

For more information per course visit the link below or click on the course page you are interested in on our website here. 

The data on Discover Uni are official statistics created for the purpose of giving insight into student experience during and after completing their degree.

The National Student Survey (NSS) is an annual survey that allows final-year students to provide feedback about their experience at university or college. The results are used by universities and colleges to improve the student experience, and can also help applicants to decide between courses.

The Graduate Outcomes (GO) survey collects information from students 15 months after they finish their course. It asks them what they are currently doing, how much they are earning, and their perceptions of work following their graduation from their course. Discover Uni uses Graduate Outcomes data to compile the statistics in several sections on our course pages.

The Longitudinal Education Outcomes (LEO) dataset uses government tax records to find earnings data for graduates. It does not rely on graduates responding to a survey. Because it is based on PAYE tax records it is more complete than self-reported survey data. Discover Uni does not publish LEO data for individual courses, this earnings data are always grouped into subject areas for two years' worth of graduates.

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