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Partners and Guest Speakers

91Ƶ work closely with employers to design and update courses to meet the future needs of industry. Our network of organisations stretches across the UK with some operating globally.

This network of organisations allows us to work closely with employers to support our students in gaining valuable experience.

The University has partnered with a number of prestigious companies in order to give students a higher chance of finding employment. Some employers visit our campus to speak at our Industry Exposure sessions. Companies range from the hospitality sector to the finance sector, to various healthcare settings which means that you can hear from professionals in the industry right here in at 91Ƶ.

Business representatives, company owners and guest lecturers speak about their career journey, their companies, and tips on securing a graduate job after university. Occasionally, they are actively recruiting in the building! These events take place throughout the year.

We also pride ourselves on delivering outstanding support to our students and alumni through our Employability programmes. Many external partners share with our students their knowledge and experience to provide career support, reason for which they constantly participate in our industry exposure and recruitment events. Currently, we have many mentors actively participating in our Industry Exposure sessions to enhance your employability skills, labour market and career opportunities.

Below are profiles of some of our current and previous partners and guest speakers:

Nicky Pratt

Starting her career in catering 20 years ago, Nicky Pratt pivoted to events management, leveraging her sociology degree to excel in business management and marketing.

Nicky’s journey included diverse roles, from PA to Sales & Marketing Director, before finding her passion in business development. Today, she leads a team handling inquiries and building new client relationships, ensuring continued growth for the company.

Atish Parmar

As Director of Metric Connect, I help businesses achieve exceptional customer growth through our custom paid advertising and email marketing strategies. Since March 2019, I've led the company's growth, expanding the team to 7. While my background lies in social media marketing (SMM) with a focus on short video content and promotion (including platforms like Meta and TikTok), I consider myself more of a business owner, driving the overall success of Metric Connect.

Dr Jerome Paul Booth

Dr Jerome Paul Booth is a British economist, author, emerging markets investor and Executive Chairman of New Sparta.  He is also a former Chairman of Anglia Ruskin University. After working for the UK civil service and the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington, he became Head of Research of a global investment bank and was then a founder and Head of Research of Ashmore Group plc, an emerging markets asset manager.

Dr Booth holds a Bachelor of Science in Geography from the University of Bristol and an MPhil and DPhil in Economics from the University of Oxford, where he also briefly taught economics.

His first book, Emerging Markets in an Upside Down World, was published in 2014 and his second Have We All Gone Mad? about mass groupthink, in 2022. 

Jerome was also Chairman of the Fitzwilliam Museum Development Trust, Chairman of the Britten Sinfonia and a Board Member of the Royal Philharmonic Society. He was Chairman of UKCF (the national membership charity of Community Foundations).  He is a keen amateur musician and, through his company New Sparta Productions, a feature film producer.  

Elisa Macedo

Elisa Macedo is a highly respected communications professional with over a decade of experience. She's a strategic thinker who has helped politicians, businesses, and brands achieve success through data-driven communication strategies. Elisa is a published author and a skilled content creator with fluency in multiple languages.

Throughout her career, Elisa has played a key role in developing and implementing winning communication strategies. She is passionate about leveraging the power of communication to achieve positive outcomes.

Elisa has a proven track record of developing and implementing impactful communication strategies across various sectors. As for instance, she has:

  • Consulted on political campaigns, providing crucial communication analysis and strategy development.
  • Led marketing and social media teams, achieving goals through strategic planning and audience engagement.
  • Created captivating content, including written and audio-visual materials.
  • Managed public relations efforts, fostering positive relationships with the media and the public.

Gemma Adair

Meet Gemma, the powerhouse behind Riada Consultancy, a marketing expert who helps businesses unlock their marketing potential. With an impressive 20-year marketing journey, Gemma has worked for and with some of the world's largest tech giants, including Accenture, Microsoft, Avanade, AWS, Ricoh Europe, and K2 (Nintex). Her deep understanding of the tech industry shines through her expertise in marketing strategy, crafting multi-channel campaigns, spearheading lead generation, forging powerful partner alliances, and ensuring seamless sales alignment across regions like the UK and EMEA.

Greg Campbell

Greg Campbell has a wide-ranging background across housing, social care, local government, sports and leisure, commercial and voluntary sectors. In 1998, he established Greg Campbell Management Consultancy, which became Campbell Tickell in 2004. As a Management Consultant and Partner at Campbell Tickell, he has worked with more than 500 organisations across the UK and Ireland, tackling a wide range of strategic and operational matters. Specialist areas include business strategy, governance, regulation, growth and new business development, mergers and partnerships, PR and communications, procurement, executive and non-executive recruitment.

Edward Gallier

Edward Gallier is a Learning & Development professional with over 25 years of experience. He began his career as an HR generalist, but his passion for learning led him to transition into the L&D field.

For five years, he honed his skills as a self-employed L&D consultant, providing expertise to various organisations. Edward joined Leonardo Hotels, where he has spent the past 12 years leading the L&D team. As Head of L&D, Edward is responsible for designing and delivering engaging internal training programs, managing valuable apprenticeships and graduate schemes, and fostering a culture of continuous learning within the organisation.


Leticia Fonseca

Leticia is a Certified Financial Advisor who is passionate about empowering individuals to manage their finances independently. From her journey arriving in the UK as a student in 2005, she transitioned from the hospitality industry (2005) to an Account Manager role (2009-2013). This shift sparked her interest in marketing, prompting her to pursue a CIM certification. Today, Leticia wears many hats. She dedicates herself to teaching financial literacy, empowering individuals to make informed financial decisions. Additionally, she actively manages the marketing for her company, demonstrating her well-rounded skillset and entrepreneurial spirit. Leticia lives by Warren Buffett’s quote: “The more you learn, the more you earn.”

Melanie Coey

Melanie Coey:

I started my own business in 2015 when I was made redundant.

I had previously worked in Industry & converted to practice to set up my business.

Tax was always where my interest lay so it was a natural progression for me.

Prior to my tax exams, I studied Applied Mathematics at Queen’s University of Belfast.

I am a proud mummy of 2 boys who are 17 & 13.

Being self-employed allowed me to choose when I worked & when I spent time with my children.

I am now an Author of Amazon Best seller of Unlock the Entrepreneur Within.

I have now started a new business with a Horse Box coffee dock called Tea And the Gang NI.



Nathan Robinson

Nathan is a GP registrar, and healthtech innovation fellow. In 2021, he ranked 2nd in Powerful Media's Top 150 Future Leaders for co-designing a simulation program to rapidly upskill redeployed staff during COVID-19. He has previously worked for a health-tech start-up aiming to improve service delivery in primary care and also has an interest in health equity, with publications in the decolonising medicine space.


Nneka Nwaefulu

Nneka Nwaefulu brings over 3 years of recruitment experience to The House of Commons, leveraging her Business and Retail Management degree. After joining The House in 2019, she transitioned from the Recruitment team to the Early Careers team in 2022, demonstrating her commitment to fostering the next generation of talent.



Paul Flowers

Retailing Construction and Manufacturing.

I have spent my working life in a variety of Industry Sectors.

I have been working in the Accountancy space with the Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA) for seven years now and hope to share my knowledge and experiences with you.

And also to learn about how our Organisation can assist you in your Transition from Academic Study to the Workplace.

Priscilla Sousa

“Priscilla is currently working as Senior Management Consultant at Hitachi, delivering Digital Transformations. Her main expertise are within Business Analysis & Assessments, Business Intelligence, Digital Integrations, Data Management, Product Management and Programme Management. Priscilla has a background designing Risk Management, Policy Management and Claims Management software for the Banking and Insurance industry. She has over 20 years’ management experience. In addition, she holds an internal role within Hitachi Consulting and Offerings Practice as a Global People & Culture Lead.

In addition to the above, she has some interesting past experiences which shaped her career:

  • Hospitality Industry – Priscilla was general manager in fine dining restaurants in London for over 12 years’, creating business strategies and managing large teams in a fast-paced environment. Whilst in the role, she decided to start a Finance and Accounting Degree at 91Ƶ.
  • The move created an opportunity to venture into the Fintech sector working for Empowered Systems who was a London-based financial software provider and an 91Ƶ partner.
  • Later, she joined Thomson Reuters, where she was delivering innovative business software solutions for governance, risk, compliance, and regulatory reporting for organisations with complex data management challenges such as Tier 1 banks.”

Rupert Jones

Rupert Jones, a qualified accountant and CEO of Harley 104 Clinic and Longfield Polyclinic, is also a leader with a diverse portfolio.  His commitment to excellence extends beyond healthcare and financial services, as he leads successful businesses in education, property development, and restaurants.

Hazel Joseph

Deputy Director of Care Nightingale Hammerson

I was born and raised in Guyana, during my childhood I have always admired my aunt who was a nurse and drew my inspiration and admiration for the nursing profession at age sixteen I completed my secondary school examination known as the Caribbean Examination Certificate (CXC or A levels) and began my nursing career a year later at age seventeen. At age nineteen I qualified as an Assistant nurse (in 1992). I was not being satisfied being an Assistant nurse so I went on to further my nursing career and was qualified as a registered nurse in 2002 where I worked in several hospitals in Guyana before migrating to Montserrat in 2003. My dislike for bedside nursing led me to further my studies as an operating theatre nurse in 2004 where I worked predominantly as a surgical nurse (Scrub Nurse) supporting the surgeons during various surgical operations in 2006 I migrated to the UK (South Wales) where I was assigned to work in a care home. During that working experience, I developed a passion and love for elderly care. During my time working in health and social care. I attend several courses to broaden my knowledge in relation to elderly care in 2009 I migrated to London in search of a better opportunity to develop my career as a leader and more so as a manager within the health and social care fraternity. I have fortunately applied my knowledge and was appointed as Senior Lead Nurse in 90-bed care Within six months of working as a Senior Lead Nurse, I was offered a role as the Clinical Lead Nurse role and this was mainly due to my organizational, management, and leadership skills. In 2012 I was headhunted by a recruitment company and was successfully appointed Unit Manager at Nightingale Hammerson (Nightingale House South London Home) However, not satisfied with the level I was at in relation to the leadership and managerial skills I had attained in practice and the desire to broaden my knowledge. I decided to attend South Thames Colleges in Tooting where I successfully completed a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People's Services. Having attained my QCF level 5 qualification in 2013, I was approached by the Directors of Care of Nightingale Hammerson to become the registered manager of Hammerson House and was appointed as the Registered Manager. It was during this period I was able to practice and develop my leadership and managerial skills. Expand my knowledge and understanding of health and social care in 2017 I worked closely with the Senior Leadership team and successfully decommissioned Hammerson House so it could be reconstructed. Following the decommissioning of Hammers House, I was appointed Education and Development Manager within the organization for a short period and later resigned from the role. During the rebuilding of Hammerson House, I continued to work with other care organizations as a Registered Manager further expanding my leadership and managerial skills within health and social care. In 2020 I was once again approached by the Director of Care to return to Nightingale Hammerson. I was appointed as Care Quality improvement lead for a short period and later the Deputy Director of Care and Registered Manager of Hammerson House in 2021. I currently have the overall responsibility y of managing Hammerson House which has the capacity to house 116 residents and leads a team of over 200 team members.

David Birkby

David Birkby brings a wealth of experience, having previously worked as a generalist HR since 2009, before transitioning to a Change Management role at Hestia, an organisation supporting survivors of abuse and slavery.

His current role involves partnering and supporting operational and administrative managers, demonstrating his commitment to making a positive impact on both individuals and the organisation.

David emphasises the importance of being people-focused in HR, highlighting the need for passion, empathy, and communication skills. He believes in active listening, creating a judgment-free environment, and empowering individuals.

According to David, he is a continuous learner, actively seeking out opportunities for professional development through case studies, podcasts, LinkedIn, and networking events. “Keep developing yourself – something important, I learned from my mentors”, says David. This dedication to growth ensures he remains equipped to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of human resources.


Convene & Etc.Venues

Convene & Etc.Venues

In a world of corporate grey, etc.venues is a welcome splash of pink. Our mission today is the same as it’s been since we opened in 1992: To rescue people from the tyranny of dull meeting venues… by inspiring them with vibrant design, contemporary art, fresh and carefully sourced food, and award-winning hospitality.

  • Bringing people together

When it comes to developing closer, more meaningful working relationships, nothing replaces face-to-face meetings. Easier, more relaxed, and intuitive communication makes in-person meetings more inspiring, involving and inclusive, leading to deeper discussions and fostering genuine connections.

  • Creating meaningful experiences

For over 30 years, we've hosted over 3,000,000 events for over 15 million guests, including business leaders, politicians and royalty. We help bring meetings and events to life, not superficially but through a deep understanding of how to best stimulate interaction and collaboration.

  • Helping guests achieve their best

From the nutritious, carb-balanced food our in-house chefs create to the easy-to-navigate layouts of our spaces to the seamless built-in intuitive tech; every aspect of our guests' stay is carefully considered to ensure a truly effortless experience.

  • Making a positive difference

We also think carefully about our environmental impact. We are committed to making a positive difference by reducing our carbon footprint, supporting local communities whilst ensuring we continue to fulfil our sustainability goals.


About the Company

Rapport is an award winning, specialist company that provides corporate organisations with a range of fully managed front and back of house guest services. Our tailored services are provided to clients in all major cities in the UK and Ireland and in key locations in the US and Hong Kong.

We are very proud to count some of the UK’s most forward-thinking, blue-chip companies as our clients, from small boutique firms to large multi-site international corporations, all with a common goal to provide excellent Customer Service.

Our people come first, and we are committed to developing you and offering a number of fantastic professional and personal development opportunities. We have a suite of over 50 training workshops and a number of Leadership programmes to support you with your development and career progression within Rapport.

Career opportunities

Rapport has a portfolio of 100+ buildings across London, UK Regions, and Ireland. We offer competitive salaries and a wide range of full-time, permanent roles (40 hours per week), Monday to Friday. Yes, you will have your weekends off!

Rapport is currently recruiting for Corporate Receptionists/Guest Services and other senior, customer-facing roles. You can find out about all our career opportunities .

Some of our very exciting senior roles are listed below:

Some of our benefits include:

  • Exclusive travel discounts with TUI, Expedia, Booking.com and many more
  • Save money on your groceries with discounts on Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and other major brands
  • A wide range of offers dedicated to improving your personal finances for a more secure future, including life assurance cover
  • Regular emails filled with the best discounts and savings available
  • Receive cash rewards every time you spend and use them on a wide range of brands
  • Financial rewards - for recommending your friends and family and/or even when you bring new business to us (legitimate qualified sales leads)
  • Contributory pension scheme
  • Access to wellness programs to promote the mental health and well-being of our Ambassadors
  • Employee Assistance Program to guide and support our team members
  • Quick access for you and your immediate family to a Digital GP, and wider healthcare benefits
  • Learning & development opportunities to support your personal and professional development and growth
  • WOW Awards to celebrate our brilliant Ambassadors nominated for their exceptional service by our guests and clients
  • One Paid Day for Charity Work

Why Rapport?

Our people come first, and we are committed to developing you and offering a number of fantastic professional and personal development opportunities. We have a suite of over 50 training workshops and a number of Leadership programmes to support you with your development and career progression within Rapport.

We are committed to equality of opportunity and inclusion within the workplace, and we celebrate everyone’s differences and diverse backgrounds. We have created a number of Employee Networks as part of our “Be Yourself at Rapport” programme, to create a safe space for our Ambassadors to connect and collaborate, ensuring we champion diversity and inclusion in all that we do.

Our Ambassador’s mental and physical wellbeing is very important to us, and we continue to have a real focus on providing the varied support and initiatives for our teams to get involved in.

Rapport is also a Disability Confident Employer, and we have a number of partnerships with external organisations providing job opportunities within the company for people with special educational needs and disabilities.

Our most prestigious awards include:

  • In the 2021 ‘Best Companies to work for’ awards, Rapport was recognised as being the Best Company to Work for in the U.K. Business Services Sector, Rapport was recognised as the second Best (Large) Company to Work for in the UK and third Best Company to Work for in London (all categories and company sizes).
  • We were awarded three stars from ‘Best Companies’, their ultimate accolade, in 2021 signifying a ‘World Class’ company.
  • Top 30 Best Places to Work in Hospitality in 2021 winner.
  • Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion at HR in Hospitality Awards 2019

Rapport is a part of Compass Group UK & Ireland, a FTSE 100 company. Please visit our website, , for further information and before applying to learn more about Rapport and our clients.


Master Your Finances

Master Your Finances helps to make money matters simple for everyone. This mission is guided by the principle that you are the best person to make decisions about your own personal finances.

Built on three central pillars of self-responsibility, simplicity and independence, Master Your Finances focuses on empowering people to save, manage and grow their money in the UK.

Through founder and managing director Leticia Fonseca, Master Your Finances has helped thousands of individuals master their finances through guidance on how to:

  • Get out of debt
  • Organise their finances and start budgeting
  • Invest in the UK
  • Boost their retirement savings
  • Master Your Finances offers services and structures to suit a variety of needs:
  • Personalised one-to-one financial wellbeing sessions
  • On-demand money management courses
  • Group workshops
  • Group mentoring programmes to start investing in the stock market
  • Financial wellbeing awareness seminars


Find more information at masteryourfinances.co.uk

Riada Consultancy

Meet Gemma, the powerhouse behind Riada Consultancy, a marketing expert who helps businesses unlock their marketing potential. With an impressive 20-year marketing journey, Gemma has worked for and with some of the world's largest tech giants, including Accenture, Microsoft, Avanade, AWS, Ricoh Europe, and K2 (Nintex). Her deep understanding of the tech industry shines through her expertise in marketing strategy, crafting multi-channel campaigns, spearheading lead generation, forging powerful partner alliances, and ensuring seamless sales alignment across regions like the UK and EMEA.


Visiting Angels

As the Registered Home Care Manager of our esteemed company, I am thrilled to highlight the exceptional care and innovation that defines Visiting Angels. For over 20 years, we have been a global leader in providing premium home care services, built upon the principles of recruiting, training, and supporting the finest caregivers.

At Visiting Angels, we recognize the extraordinary dedication of our caregivers—brilliant, loving, and highly professional individuals committed to delivering exceptional home care services. Unlike elsewhere, we place caregivers at the heart of our operations, ensuring they can provide truly personalized care to your family.

Throughout our history, Visiting Angels has pioneered numerous innovations. Our groundbreaking Choose Your Caregiver initiative was among the first in the industry, allowing families to select a caregiver who perfectly matches their needs and preferences.

Moreover, our Caregiver Rewards program exemplifies our commitment to fostering enduring bonds between caregivers and families. This initiative encourages longevity and stability in caregiving relationships.

As a company deeply committed to accountability and compliance, Visiting Angels has always been at the forefront of embracing legislative changes within the home care sector.

At Visiting Angels, we firmly believe that when we prioritize the well-being of our caregivers, they can better serve your family. Our position as one of the UK’s foremost carer-centric businesses underscores this philosophy, ensuring exceptional care and support for both our caregivers and your loved ones.

Metric Connect

Metric Connect is a social media marketing agency. Helping businesses & brands across the UK monetise company profiles and generate good quality leads through paid advertising. We are recognised as a Facebook Marketing Partner and a Google Partner. Our ethos is to help businesses grow through our vast knowledge within social media whilst being entrepreneurs ourselves. 


Our services include:

Social Media Management

Email Marketing

Influencer marketing

Content Creations

Corporate Consultations

Social Media Workshops


Our company always looks to work with fresh talent that believes in self-growth and deliver outstanding work. 


Check out our website:


My Nexus

Initiated by Gaynor on the idea of using gaming technology to help assess capability for investment purposes, myNexus quickly evolved into a technology tools provider to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, with the addition of James, and subsequently Dean, to the founding team.

What started as exploration of pain points being suffered by Gaynor running a private investment club, soon identified that the root causes were embedded right at the start of an entrepreneur’s journey. By combining this experience with James’s knowledge of SMEs, the first proof-of-concept was created and essential investment obtained.

Dean was brought in as a subcontractor to scope and build the first iteration of the matching platform, and straight away became part of the roadmap to bring him on as full time CTO. Covid then forced a reversal of the business plan amid plummeting investments.

Instead we set about delivering the Entrepreneur Skills Index as the first product - a brand new way to measure entrepreneurial capability. It’s the cornerstone of our business based on the fundamental principle that people invest in people first, ideas second.

Our vision is to build insight generating tools that harness that entrepreneurial capability, whether in a large business or a small one, because we know this has the potential to really accelerate economic growth.


Twelve Ronnies

Twelve Ronnies are experienced commercial entrepreneurs and philanthropists with a long track record helping startups launch successfully.

The Twelve Ronnies Foundation’s mission is to stimulate the ideas economy of the future and make innovation possible for everyone.

We support ideas and innovation through prize competitions, helping companies crowdsource ideas as well as looking for ideas to solve some of societies big problems.



We want to be the best independent food service provider with a leading-edge reputation for food, service and team development. We achieve this through nurturing well-trained and highly motivated people; we value their contribution to ensure we consistently exceed expectations.

Although passionate about food our success comes from our people. They are passionate about food and passionate about serving our customers. Focusing on the importance of high standards they are constantly motivated to ensure our customers receive the ultimate dining experience.

Corbin & King

Corbin & King was founded by Chris Corbin & Jeremy King, who have been partners in business for nearly 40 years. The 90s saw the pair open various notable restaurants across London and they continue to make a significant contribution to the UK’s hospitality industry.

Today, Corbin & King’s current portfolio comprises The Wolseley on Piccadilly, The Delaunay in Aldwych, Brasserie Zédel in Soho, Colbert in Chelsea, Fischer's in Marylebone, Bellanger in Islington, Café Wolseley at Bicester Village and Soutine in St John’s Wood.

At Corbin & King, we believe that people are our biggest asset and we are proud to deliver hospitality from the heart to create places where people feel they belong.


Gategroup is the global leader in airline catering, retail-on-board and hospitality products and services. We provide passengers with superior culinary and retail experiences, leveraging innovation and advanced technology solutions. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, gategroup delivers operational excellence through the most extensive catering network in the aviation industry, serving more than 700 million passengers annually from over 200 operating units in over 60 countries/territories across all continents. In 2019, gategroup reached CHF 5.0 billion in revenues generated by approximately 43,000 employees worldwide.

Over the years we have worked hard to create a one gategroup culture where we are better than the sum of our parts. 

We work together, share information and learn from one another. This culture drives us to push the boundaries of our industry and excite our customers with our delivery and innovation. The unique styles, cultures and traditions of our global team creates a diverse work environment where we respect and celebrate individuality.

We are committed to building an organizational culture where everyone is motivated to reach their full potential. The foundation of this culture is a work environment where individuals are encouraged to be their best, develop their skills and capabilities, inspire others and be proud of their achievements.

Hill House Nursing Home

We are a Croydon based care home group which has always placed a great emphasis on our residents’ wellbeing whilst in our care and both homes are currently rated as “Good” by the Care Quality Commission. Hill House is a 60 bedded Nursing Dementia Care Home and Westside is a smaller care home, also specialising in nursing care. We are also delighted to have been awarded Beacon status, the highest level in the Gold Standards Framework End of Life Care, across both homes since 2009. We are described as “An outstanding, warm, friendly yet exceedingly professional Home group where it felt as though Gold Standards Framework has been cemented into the brick work and breathed through the air from day one" – The managers oversee all the unit managers, qualified nurses, carers, caterers and domestic staff,  providing residents with 24-hour assistance and the highest level of care. We are totally confident in our staff’s abilities. In fact, founder Mrs Carey was a resident at Hill House during the final year of her life, and Gill’s mother-in-law was a resident for in our Westside home. We like to call this the ‘Mum Test’. We believe that the fact that our homes have remained family-run for the past sixty years has enabled us to develop and sustain a unique level of care for our residents and their families. We have often welcomed generations of the same family through our doors and are well-established within the local communities of Purley and Kenley, too.  rehabilitation, palliative, respite and convalescent car. 

We are always well staffed, but also happy to receive additional applications from a range of people who wish to be considered as Health Care Assistants, Senior Health Care Assistants and Team Leaders, depending on experience.

The Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA)

Established in 1916, the Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA) is an internationally recognised professional accountancy membership body. It is a full member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) the global accounting standard-setter and regulator. 

The IFA is part of the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) of Australia Group, the world’s largest SME-focused accountancy group, with 37,000 members and students in 80 countries. 

IFA members work within micro and small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or in micro and small- to medium-sized accounting practices (SMPs) advising micro and SME clients. Members are provided with all the necessary tools to operate successfully as Financial Accountants providing compliance and planning expertise to SMEs. It is the only professional accountancy body that provides dedicated support to SMEs and SMPs. 

Resource Solutions

Resource Solutions are an international leader in RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing), MSP (Managed Service Provider), and Statement of Work solutions. Their offering spans all areas of recruitment, candidate management and technology.

They offer clients an insight and control over their recruitment activities, while mitigating risk and improving hiring manager and candidate experience. 

You can view more information here -

Holiday Inn

With over 4,900 hotels and nearly 674,000 rooms in nearly 100 countries around the world, in 13 of the 20 largest hotel markets, they are a company that knows hospitality. Their vision is to become one of the great companies in the world by creating 'Great Hotels Guests Love.' They will deliver this through their portfolio of preferred brands, talented people and best-in-class delivery systems.

IHG is a global company with 9 hotel brands, meaning a world of opportunity for you. Their success flows from the thousands of people around the world who form part of the IHG team. It’s their ideas, inspiration and effort that make IHG who they are. It’s their individuality that IHG love. So if you want to work somewhere that can offer a rewarding career and room to be yourself, we want all of you at IHG.

Anglo Educational Services

Established in 1973, Anglo Educational Services boasts a wealth of experience in organising long-term and short-term accommodation, unpaid internship placements and customised educational, professional, alumni and sports tours focusing on London, the UK and Europe. AES offers a variety of services; from academic and logistical support for semester and short term programmes as well as accommodation and study centre venues.

Anglo Educational Services offers a comprehensive range of educational support services for Study Abroad, Professional, Alumni, and Sports programmes throughout the UK and Europe.

Chinite Home Care

Continue to lead a quality, independent and dignified life within your own home.

We believe getting older or having a disability shouldn’t mean losing your independence or dignity. Our home care, often called domiciliary care, enables older or less physically able people to continue to lead a quality, independent and dignified life within their own home or in the society.

Chinite Home Care is always looking for students who are flexible, hardworking, committed and passionate about working with vulnerable people.

We welcome the opportunity to work in partnership with Anglian Ruskin University London to recruit students who are willing to join our growing team of healthcare workforce.

Excello Law

Founded in 2009, Excello Law is a fast-growing, national law firm providing a more dynamic, forward-thinking and independent environment in which to practise for experienced commercial, family and private client lawyers.

We have a team of 100+ partner-level lawyers supported by a central business services team of 25. We recruit for paralegal and trainee solicitor positions on an ad hoc basis as needed by the business.

The firm has six UK offices – London (Chancery Lane & Bishopsgate), Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool and Chester – and strategic alliances with new-model firms in the US and Australia.

We were one of the first law firms in the UK to pioneer true agile working with lawyers enjoying total freedom to manage their working day as they choose.  That includes working remotely or from one of our office hubs, choosing the clients they work with and taking responsibility for their fee structure. The model reduces overhead costs and uses leading-edge technology to give freedom to lawyers and provide better value legal services to clients.

Harley Street Healthcare Clinic

We at Harley Street Healthcare Clinic offer our patients exceptional healthcare backed by our passion for working towards a healthier, happier community.

Harley Street Healthcare, founded by Dr. R Danapal over three decades ago, has emerged as one among the UK's leading healthcare clinics, combining state-of-the-art medical advancements and technology with a stellar team of medical professionals offering patients comprehensive and compassionate healthcare and support.

Our Vision is to make a difference in people's lives through excellent patient care, with a Mission to become the global leader in value-based integrated healthcare.

We work to provide compassionate and highest quality healthcare. We aim to achieve your healthcare goal by reinventing the future of the healthcare sector at your fingertips.


OneCare is a specialist service provider of homecare. We take pride in our position as a specialist care provider to actively preserve and promote the primary values of independence, dignity, respect, privacy, choice and control, and we value the relationships necessary to maintain them.

OneCare has a quality objective which focuses on providing care designed to promote physical and psychological well being. OneCare is registered with the CQC and is recognised by local authorities. We can deliver care to individuals in Harrow and London that have Learning Disabilities, Sensory Impairment, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Dementia, Physical and Mental Disabilities.

The services we can provide are personal care, respite care, live-in care, palliative care, community engagement, holiday care, and of course companionship. Our healthcare professionals have a dynamic approach and flexible attitude, and can cater for any need that is required by the individual and are available in Harrow and London.


SkillStruct is about helping People and Organisations build up their skills and setup structure using the SkillStruct Methodology to find solutions to their problems. SkillStruct provides services in Career coaching, Mentorship programs, BAME Tech recruitment, Final year project advice and a CV verification and much more. A big part of the site is writing blogs some of which include Knowledge Management, Structure, and our experiences in Uni to help young people and people starting a new career in general.

Here is our video about our story - 

Social Chain

Founded in 2014, Social Chain now employs over 750 people across five offices worldwide. Alongside a vast portfolio of media brands, Social Chain offers award-winning data, media, and agency services to clients such as Logitech, Pretty Little Thing, William Hill, Amazon and many more.

UK Visas & Immigration

As part of the Home Office, we determine who has the right to visit or stay in the UK, with a core focus on national security.

We manage 3 million visa applications a year from people who want to visit, study or work in the UK. We’re responsible for deciding who receives British citizenship, and we also consider applications from organisations that want to join the register of sponsors. Another of our key roles is to run the UK’s asylum service, offering protection to vulnerable people and their host communities.

We have an incredibly broad remit at the Home Office, with our work affecting every citizen of the country. It’s essential that our organisation reflects the very best of 21st century Britain and we encourage applications from all backgrounds and circumstances. We recruit on merit after a fair and open selection process and support different ways of working, such as flexible working.

We’re proud to be a ‘Disability Confident Employer’ and we were the first organisation to be ‘Clear Assured’, which recognised our efforts to recruit and retain employees with disabilities. We also offer a guaranteed interview scheme for people with disabilities who meet our minimum selection criteria.

To date we have been recognised by the Times Top 50 Employers for Women, named a Stonewall Star Performer, and listed by Business In The Community as an inclusive employer for race.

Employees have the opportunity to join our vibrant diversity staff support networks, including Gen (gender), The Network (black Asian and minority ethnic), Spectrum (LGBT+) and Able (disabilities). Our networks help raise awareness and help us build an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive and be themselves at work.

Uniform Education

Uniform Education is a leading education recruitment specialist agency that recruit teachers and support assistants across London and the home counties. With over 50 years’ experience, we are dedicated to recruiting teachers and support assistants for a range of schools. We source quality teaching talent from the UK and overseas, into Primary, Secondary, SEND, Faith and Academy schools. 

Uniform Education provides teachers and support assistants with ongoing assistance during the recruitment process to ensure that they find the right role. Our approach is different; we consider each candidates’ first placement to be just the beginning and we continue to support everyone throughout their career journey.

Uniform Education recruit for a range of roles that include:

  • Teaching Assistants
  • Learning Support Assistants
  • Support Assistants
  • Cover Supervisors
  • Higher Level Teaching Assistants
  • Intervention Specialists
  • Graduate Teaching Assistants

Alban House Print

Alban House is a dynamic print management company based in Clerkenwell, London. It provides services to publishers, marketing agencies and media companies. We can source virtually any print related product and have a nationwide netwrok of trusted suppliers that we use to facilitate this.


In 2000, former lawyer David Yeo launched aqua restaurant with a vision to bring some of the chic restaurant buzz of New York, Tokyo and London to Hong Kong. It proved such a success that today Aqua Restaurant Group has grown into a formidable culinary empire of over 20 ground-breaking outlets incorporating some of the most innovative destination restaurants in Hong Kong, Beijing and London.

Throughout the years, Aqua Restaurant Group’s philosophy has remained unchanged; to prepare exquisite food using the freshest, highest-quality produce in a way where the true flavours shine. In London, it boasts two luxury restaurants in the Shard and three on Regent Street.

Aqua restaurant group look for right person with the right attitude, they like for candidates with relevant experience but above all they want people who are enthusiastic, hardworking and with a genuine passion for the hospitality industry and their brand. 

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters provides professionals with the intelligence, technology and human expertise they need to find trusted answers.

They enable professionals in the financial and risk, legal, tax and accounting, and media markets to make the decisions that matter most, all powered by the world's most trusted news organization.

With over 100 years of experience employing over 50,000 people across more than 100 countries Thomson Reuters is The Answer Company. They know data on its own is not enough and without insightful people and intuitive technology, data has no source and no direction. Their boundary breaking solutions provide a unique view of challenges modern professionals face.


Thistle has 31 hotels across the country, many in superb city centre locations, including ten in central London. With a selection of restaurants and a choice of excellent health and leisure facilities, there is something for everyone. Thistle is investing over £100 million in the next two years and they have 2 hotels in the exotic peninsula of Malaysia.

Thistle Hotels are all about informal, upmarket hotels, with warm, straightforward service, in a comfortable, relaxed setting. Their aim is to create an atmosphere where guests can work or rest at their own pace, where we can ensure we deliver exactly what our guests’ need.

Thistle looks for the right employee who puts the guests' experience first; achieving results through innovation and entrepreneurial flair, working together as one team and inspiring others with a passion for excellence. One of our students currently working has demonstrated the type of candidate that Thistle seek and has received excellent feedback due to their hard work ethic. We are pleased to hear that the student is progressing rapidly within Thistle Barbican.

The Royal Household

With the Royal Household, everyday jobs become exceptional. This is because, whatever their role and whichever department they’re in, our people are part of something remarkable. They provide invaluable support to The Queen and Royal Family - enabling them to fulfil their duties and serve the nation. And, working in magnificent and historic surroundings, they’re inspired to deliver to a higher standard.

We are a truly diverse organisation - not just in the range of people who work here, but also in the careers that we offer. Alongside the roles you may expect, you’ll find everything from HR, Finance and IT professionals to Engineers, Curators and Chefs. They all work as one towards a shared and unique purpose.

We also have a number of seasonal vacancies each year, to support the summer opening of the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace, and increase in staff at the Palace of Holyroodhouse and Windsor Castle during the busy summer season.

Building a career here means both upholding cherished traditions and exploring new ideas to take the Household and our work forward. You’ll be trusted and supported, and proud of the contribution you make. Collaboration, variety and challenge will become commonplace. And, in an environment that is unexpectedly business-minded and refreshingly down-to-earth, you’ll be able to take your career to the next level.

The Cinnamon Club

Chef Vivek Singh is one of the most successful and respected modern Indian chefs in the country, with three renowned London restaurants to his name – the authentic dining experience of , the City’s  and .

His refined approach to Indian cuisine changed the perception of Indian food in the UK and his success and reputation has continued to grow with the publication of five cookbooks, media appearances and a regular guest slot on BBC’s Saturday Kitchen.

Over the years Chef Vivek and his team have recruited many students within the hospitality and culinary departments of his company to enhance their skills and develop them professionally and is always seeking students who are passionate and hardworking to grow within his company.

St Matthews Healthcare

Our ethos is that we provide professional and compassionate care that promotes independence and supports residents to pursue their own interests. St Matthews Healthcare provides a variety of specialist intensive mental health therapies for patients facing a variety of complex mental health disorders and behavioural challenges, as well as neuro-behavioural rehabilitation for those affected by brain injury. We also offer a range of residential care services for the elderly living with mental health problems, including dementia, combined with declining physical health. We treat all of our patients with dignity and respect and, where possible, we work collaboratively with them to agree a bespoke programme of care and independent living skills. The care provided treats the whole person by combining psychological interventions with leisure and social activities to enhance overall health and wellbeing.

SpaYse International

SpaYse International support the hospitality industry through recruitment, retention, engagement and development training since 2010. Their goal is to find extraordinary talent by matching the right people to the right opportunities, every time. 

They seek to understand the candidate’s career goals, needs and motivations as well getting to know their personality and work preferences to match the best role available. They choose to work with companies who are heavily focused on putting their staff at the core of their business.

They work with a whole list of leading hotels including luxury 5* Hotels and restaurants in London to provide dynamic and talented staff; to both front-of-house and other roles such as Sales, Marketing and Events on a permanent and temporary basis.

SpaYse International also work with their clients to provide cover for holidays, sickness and additional help for events which can be one-off shifts or fixed term contracts, often leading to permanent positions.

To find out more please email the employability team at 91ƵL or visit their website at 

Shorefront Films

A straight-talking video production agency based in London. Shorefront Films create video of the highest quality and deliver it to you in a timely fashion, minus the usual headache. It’s video production, just…simplified.

Their team of directors, producers, camera operators and editors have a vast wealth of experience and are masters in the art of converting concepts into reality. Whether it’s public-facing or internal comms, they’ve been enabling businesses to utilise the full power of video to get their message heard for many years and theirexpertise and customer service are unparalleled. 

Royal Automobile Club

The Royal Automobile Club is one of the world’s foremost private members’ clubs, offering first-class facilities across two distinctly different clubhouses, built on the foundation of being the United Kingdom’s oldest motoring organisation.

The Ritz

When The Ritz first opened its doors in 1906, it was considered one of the greatest hotels in the world.

Conceived by the famous hotelier César Ritz with the aim of becoming the ultimate destination for guests looking to stay at the most luxurious hotel in the land, no expense was spared on its opulent interiors and lavish furnishings.

Now, 113 years after first opening its doors, The Ritz continues to offer its guests the same exceptionally high standards and exquisitely luxurious experience that was the keystone in the creation of a world-class hotel.

Radisson Blu

Radisson is one of the world's leading global hotel brands. It delivers vibrant, contemporary and engaging hospitality that is characterized by its unique “Yes I Can!” service philosophy. First-class, full-service hotels with a range of World of Radisson features that have been created specifically to be empathetic to the challenges of modern travel, including its 100% Guest Satisfaction Guarantee.

Radisson has a strong worldwide portfolio and continues to grow with a focus on adding key hotels in major cities, airport gateways, leisure destinations and other important locations. Radisson currently has over 430 hotels operating throughout the world with 103 contracted properties under development.

Park Plaza

Daniel Pederschi started his career in hospitality over 20 years ago as a Management Trainee in West London. After enhancing his skills in a variety of luxury world ranking UK hotels such as Grosvenor House, Le Meridien Piccadilly, Café Royal and Somerset House, he was appointed  Hotel Manager in November 2009 for Park Plaza’s launch.  He was shortly promoted to General Manager in 2011.

Park Plaza is an upscale and contemporary hotel which can cater for up to 2,500 guests and holds one of the largest event spaces in London. They have over 1,019 design led guestrooms, 54 suites and penthouses, ballrooms, and can accommodate groups of up to 2,000 people. The clientele consists predominantly of corporate, international conference delegates and upscale individual visitors.

The General Manager places a lot of onus on employee retention. Park Plaza recently celebrated their 5th Birthday since the launch and out of a total of 400 employees,  107 employees who started remain to this day employed which shows the commitment and dedication which Daniel expects from all his staff. Employees at Park Plaza are all highly trained to meet the exceptional standards expected, which requires excellence throughout all functions. Regular team training to enhance guest service delivery is provided. Through this approach, designed by the Learning and Development Team, has created a unique’ Inspirational Service Programme’ which looks at ways to surprise and delight whilst making the guests feel welcome.

Daniel focuses a lot on student employment as he believes that in doing so he receives twice as much back and this ensures the sustainability for the future. The General Manager views his employees as having a meritocratic nature also talks positively about students who he sees as being focused and committed and encourages them to take every learning opportunity, invest in on the job training and never stop trying.

Onvestor Advisory Limited

Onvestor helps clients build a well thought through financial plan to realise their short, medium and long-term objectives – making provision for the retirement they want and everything else they want to do along the way.  Our team of fully qualified financial advisers are available to help everyone.  Using video conference technology, it enables us to serve customers nationwide at low cost.

Key Contact - Kathy Codling, Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Kathy has been instrumental in shaping all operational aspects of Onvestor since inception, bringing strategic vision to life. From building the team and its partner base to establishing optimum business processes, while meeting regulatory requirements, Kathy’s overarching view ensures best practice across the business.  Delivering exceptional customer service is a standard that Kathy expects of herself and the wider team, upholding the resolute determination of Onvestor to redefine the financial services industry.

Before joining Onvestor, Kathy dedicated nineteen years to the Charities sector, undertaking management positions at Board level with Trustees, the Charities Commission and various national governing bodies for health and education.  With a keen interest in business technology driven by her studies of Computing Real Time Systems at the University of Brighton, Kathy finds working for a Fintech Startup, alongside a Board of true innovators, immensely satisfying.


Accor Hotels are much more than a world leader. They are 180,000 hoteliers, 17 brands with the same shared passion for welcoming. They take care of millions of guests in their 3,800 addresses and on their digital platforms. As an operator and franchiser (HotelServices), owner and investor (HotelInvest), they invest all their energy into making “Feel Welcome” resonate as the finest hotel promise. From luxury to economy and in every corner of the globe they meet all the needs of business and leisure travellers seeking comfort, attention and high-quality services.

If you are someone unique, imaginative and seeking to work in a diverse and well established hotel then Novotel has something to offer. They are a caring employer who provides respect, training and career development for all employees.

Nightingale Hammerson

Nightingale Hammerson is a leading specialist in residential care that has been serving the Jewish community for over 180 years. We offer world-class holistic care in a safe, stimulating environment at Nightingale House in Clapham and Hammerson House (currently closed for  in Hampstead Garden Suburb.

Our individually tailored service offers a ‘home from home’ – with kind, compassionate residential, nursing, dementia, respite and end-of-life care.

Nightingale Hammerson offers a Relationship Centered Care approach to all our Residents. We tailor our care to individual needs, taking into account their meaningful relationships that contribute to a holistic wellbeing.

Our households are designed to provide outstanding residential and nursing care for people with high dependency needs, including dementia, palliative and end-of-life care but also for independent residents.

The intergenerational activities with the children from our in-house nursery, the Care Home Education Centre, student placements and our research network make Nightingale Hammerson a unique place where care is based on the most up to date standards.

Marriott Hotels

Marriott International, Inc., is a global leading lodging company with more than 4,200 properties in 79 countries and territories. Marriott Hotel Waltham Abbey is a full service hotel based on the M25, primarily dealing with business and events.

Marriott pride themselves on putting people first, pursuing excellence, embracing change, acting with integrity and serving the world. They believe in recruiting and investing in students, and enjoy seeing them grow within the company.  

LifeCome Care

LifeCome Care pride themselves on providing not just care but a lifestyle support package.

LifeCome Care provides domestic care for the elderly, dementia and Alzheimer’s sufferers as well as other care needs. This partnership is one of many and is an opportunity for us to recruit new students into the healthcare industry. We're excited for Lifecome Care to become actively involved with 91Ƶ for years to come.

Leader Engineering

Since 2005, Leader Engineering has provided recruitment services to Oil and Gas companies operating in all major producing regions worldwide.

Over the years, we've become recognised as one of the market leaders in the supply of professional contract personnel and specialist consultants. We have an unparalleled candidate network and long-standing client relationships internationally.

Originally formed by an enginerring family in Scotland, we apply more than 25 years first-hand experience to maintain our position at the forefront of our sector.

Our background mean we're uniquely placed to speak to clients and candidates on a technical level. That's why we have agreements with some of the world's largest companies. and have recorded a 230% growth in turnover since 2011.

Today we have active companies in Hong Kong, Cyprus and Dubai.

Le Pont de la Tour

As one of the most recognisable names on the London restaurant scene, the recently refurbished Le Pont de la Tour offers exceptional French cooking. Situated in the shadow of Tower Bridge, this elegant restaurant and laid back bar and grill provides for one of London's most exciting and scenic places to work.

King and King

King & King is a professional firm of Chartered Accountants and Chartered Tax Advisers based in Central London. They have been established for over 55 years and their clientele enjoy the benefits of vast experience and personal service that few can equal. They serve clients, local, nationwide and international which proves their expertise that enables them to cover all aspects of accountancy, taxation and business services.

King and King enjoy working with students who are flexible, very confident and who have a passion for pursuing a career in accountancy and who are hungry to develop within the company.

John Walsh Associates

John Walsh Associates Accountants and Tax Advisers was established in May 2008. The practice was set up when John Walsh left Dover Childs Tyler after it merged and established a new practice in the West End of London.

JWA has over 25 years experience in dealing with the needs of businesses and individuals. They have a strong background in providing specialist taxation advice across a range of taxes (including VAT) with an emphasis on service and delivery to clients. Their experience has been gained in a combination of working in the Accountancy profession and as a Tax Inspector for HM Revenue & Customs.

Irwin and Mitchell

Irwin and Mitchell was founded in 1912 by Walter Irwin Mitchell. He aimed to provide the highest quality legal services in Sheffield but now the firm has expanded and they have offices within Birmingham, Cambridge, Manchester, London and many more. They currently employ over 2,500 members of staff, including over 1,000 legally trained personnel and have helped over one million clients in their 100 year history. They have won numerous awards including ‘Best Contribution by a Firm with an English Head Office’ in 2018 awarded by Pro Bono Awards as well as one of the ‘Best Law Firms 2019’ as recognised by ‘The Times’. Irwin and Mitchell have visited 91ƵL numerous times to share presentations regarding the Law industry as well as their company and what opportunities are there for students.

Hotel Café Royal

Café Royal are a 5 star deluxe hotel, with over 160 rooms available, private clubs, restaurants, cafes and bars. Since their arrival in 1865 in the iconic landmark of Regent Street they have established themselves as entertainers for the royalty and rockstars with guests such as Princess Diana, Winston Churchill, Muhammad Ali and Mick Jagger.

They are constantly seeking excellence and look for students who are hardworking, conscientious, a great and positive contribution to the team and who are eager to learn and prove their ability.


Hilton Hotels and Resorts has more than 540 properties in 78 countries across six continents. As the most recognized name in the industry, Hilton remains synonymous with the word "hotel." From inaugural balls and Hollywood award galas to business events and days to remember, Hilton is where the world makes history.  

Hilton seeks students who can deliver exceptional guest experiences, who act with integrity and show leadership skills. In the UK Business Traveller Awards, Hilton was awarded for “Best Business Hotel Chain in the UK” and “Best Business Hotel Chain in Europe.” To work for Hilton you will need to show that you have the determination to work hard and succeed as they operate with a sense of urgency and discipline.  

Guys and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

Guys and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust are one of the UK’s leading hospitals that provide high quality, personal care. They are part of the King’s Health Partners, one of only six academic health science centres in the UK.  

Our BSc (Hons) Business and Healthcare Management student who is currently working at Guys and St Thomas' was awarded employee of the month in July 2015 due to her outstanding performance.

We received some feedback from the manager ‘I always view recruiting students as beneficial as students offer a lot of enthusiasm, they continuously seek to develop their skills which is always an advantage to the organisation’

German Gymnasium

Situated on the site of Britain's first purpose built gym, D&Ds newest fine fining restaurant offers a range of contemporary central European cuisine and a choice of dining areas, including a grand café, bar and vast outdoor terrace.

Folkestone Nursing Home

Folkestone Nursing Home is great believer in making life's passions fulfilling. Whether it's taking up a new hobby, sharing a good story with a friend, or keeping an old interest alive.

Folkestone Nursing Home places a lot of emphasis on team building, staff training and personal development. They have a family friendly atmosphere where staff work together and bond at the same time.  They believe in investing in the lives of people by making a difference and aim to develop the student’s skills for progression into the Healthcare Industry.

Excellent Care Ltd.

Excellent Care is one of the fastest growing nurses and domiciliary care agencies with offices throughout the UK. Based in Caterham, Surrey, Excellent Care have branches in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Bexhill and are due to open a new office in London. They have been operating for the last six years in which they have been frequently expanding their offices and workforce to reach and support many more communities. They are one of the CQC approved domiciliary care providers.  

Our student who is currently working there received the following comments ‘The student is a very capable and talented individual who has the potential to fulfil all the duties and responsibilities and grow as an Office Admin’. Excellent Care is always seeking students who are hardworking and flexible. They also seek students who are willing to learn and act quickly, who bring in their ideas from education into practice and who can provide up-to-date knowledge to help the company progress.

Excel Care

Excel Care prides itself on being a family-run company. Everything they do stems from their desire to create individual care for each person that uses their service, in a happy, relaxed and high quality environment. They provide exceptional residential nursing and dementia care as well as a wide range of services for long or short stays.

Their Care Homes combine luxury, modern facilities, with elegant, comfortable environments and carefully selected teams of professionals who are passionate about caring for others. They have various departments such as activities, care, catering, human resources, hospitality and housekeeping with a mission to design, construct and manage the highest level of quality Care Homes throughout the UK.

Excel Care likes to work with students who are flexible, committed and who have a real passion for caring.


Two decades ago, we were a small family business that opened its doors dedicated to finding good people and finding the right jobs for them. We’re still family run, but our “family” has grown a little since then. We’ve grown into a leading health and social care recruiter and training provider for staff across the private and public sectors, including nursing and residential care providers as well as housing associations, the NHS and local authorities. We also offer support packages for people who need help living independently.

Today, we are a well-known and well-trusted name in the health and social care sector in Essex, Kent, Surrey and London. But whoever we’re working with, whether we’re providing temporary, interim or permanent staff, we’re always committed to providing excellent service.

ENS provides specialised training and is keen to work with students who are flexible, willing and are able to demonstrate a real desire to work in the care field.

Empowered Systems

Empowered Systems has over a decade’s experience of delivering highly scalable, secure and trusted Governance Risk and Compliance management and reporting solutions to global financial institutions. In collaboration with industry experts and leading edge clients, Empowered Systems has evolved a risk governance platform that provides a flexible and powerful solution to sophisticated GRC framework and requirements now required by Regulators and stakeholders alike. All provided through configuration (not customization), so the portal can be evolved in tandem with the maturing operating model and business requirements. The solution also provides easy onboarding of external data sources, allowing maximum leverage of value to be gained from legacy and 3rd party systems and data sources.

Clayton Hotel

Clayton Hotel City of London, located in Aldgate East, is part of the Dalata Hotel Group. Clayton COL Team creates a welcoming and natural environment where every individual is recognized and supported to achieve their professional goals. The hotel is very near well-known locations frequently visited by tourists and locals alike such as Sky Gardens, Borough Market and St Paul’s Cathedral.

Dalata was founded in June 2007 by Pat McCann, who acquired a group of companies from Choice Hotels Ireland and in 2008 rebranded its leased hotels under its own Maldron Hotels brand. Since then, Dalata has built a centralised management team with expertise across all areas of the hotel business. Dalata now operates the Maldron Hotel brand and Clayton Hotel brand throughout Ireland & the UK, as well as managing a portfolio of Partner Hotels.

Click on the following link for further details:

Barchester Healthcare

Magnolia Court is a purpose-built home in Golders Green, close to local amenities. They provide first-class 24-hour nursing care and also offer respite care. There are attractive single en suite rooms and number of lounge areas where residents can entertain their families and guests. Their aim is to provide an environment as near to a 'home-from-home' environment as possible.

Magnolia Court is always looking for students who are flexible, hardworking, who are committed and enjoy working with the elderly.

Barar & Associates

Barar & Associates are consultants who have a detailed knowledge of immigration and nationality law. They are registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority and are a member of the Immigration Law Practitioners Association.

They aim to source students who are hardworking, intuitive, willing to learn and who are committed to developing within the company.


Located in the historic Ely Place near Holborn ELS Legal is a traditional legal firm based in the City of London.

They believe in the values of client service, transparency, honest advice and long lasting close relationships, whilst also taking a modern and flexible apporach. ELS Legal has extensive knowledge in international or 'transnational' litigation with disputes among business or individuals residing in different countries.

ELS Legal LLP enjoys working with students who are hardworking, adaptable, passionate, flexible and above all fully committed to their role.

Arco Academy

Arco Academy is a sports-specialist alternative provision school offering an alternative education to students referred by their schools and Local Authorities. They offer additional vocational courses and personal development opportunities to help students better understand the world of work and improve their chances of employment. They have had many success with students who initially was referred by their own school to Arco Academy and progressed to bettering themselves in gaining an education and reaching their full potential.

Sarah Vaughan

Sarah is a highly experienced commercial Events Manager with a proven track record of income generation in membership bodies. Since graduating in 2005, she has worked in events and programme management across a range of industries, including education, publishing, design and legal. Sarah has project managed a wide variety of events such as award ceremonies, exhibitions, conferences, virtual events, seminars, training workshops, certified courses and webinars. She enjoys the collaborative aspect of working in membership bodies where volunteers have a voice in shaping the content of the events that she delivers. She is a keen advocate of promoting access to the legal profession and takes pride in working on events that encourage greater diversity within the industry.

Janet Martin

Before becoming an author and founding Success All, a company that offers products and services to bring out your empowered self, Janet Martin lived a dynamic and exciting life working in the music industry.

From putting on shows at Radio City Music Hall in NYC to attending the Cannes Film Festival and GRAMMY awards, she eventually took a pause to focus on her growing family. 

Over the past decade, Janet has written extensively for parenting blogs and started two companies, including web design and graphic design contracts for charitable organizations.

Janet’s personal mission is to empower as many people as she can to become the best version of themselves. She’s particularly passionate about the areas of empowerment, mindset, emotions, motivation, business, finances, relationships, and spirituality.

Janet enjoys supporting people with difficult pasts, the marginalized and under-represented.

David Risebrow

Event Operations Manager – Museum of London 

David Risebrow is currently the Event Operations Manager at the Museum of London. His role includes developing a team of event coordinators to create, manage and deliver high profile corporate events. After graduating with a 2:1 in BA Events Management, David’s career has taken him to take on progressive roles such as an event officer and events co-ordinator thus gaining a wealth of experience within the industry. He also previously volunteered at News UK and Protege Solutions to gain more operations experience and to understand the business aspect of events such as indirect and direct marketing techniques. 

His main passions are sports and events. Playing in a football team at a high standard has led to his personal development providing adept social and professional event experience. 

Freddie Lock

I am currently working in the hospitality industry for The Ivy Collection. My position is in the People Team as a Learning & Development Business Partner. Our People Team compromises of HR, Training and Recruitment. My role includes making sure all new starters are properly inducted and given the relevant training to start their journey with us. We also work closely with the restaurants to ensure the teams are given all the support throughout their careers with us and are developed into the leaders of tomorrow. 

I have always had a passion for people, having worked in hospitality for 15 years, starting as a glass collector in my local pub at 16 years of age. My interest for training really developed once I had moved into my first GM role, which was a new opening, having to train all the FOH team on the service standards. The pride and joy to see the whole team working together happily and seeing the guests leaving happy was the most rewarding feeling ever. 

I love to pass my knowledge and experiences on to the younger generations and really to let them know that working with people is the most rewarding experience ever. You learn skills that can be used in any walks of life, not only in your professional career but in your personal life as well and being able to then pass these on to others, there is really no feeling like it. 

Syed Ali Shah

Syed is an entrepreneur with a background in communications and hospitality. He has worked for large telecom companies such as T-Mobile, TalkTalk and Carphone Warehouse where he gained an immense knowledge and understanding of how large businesses function and become profitable. 

In 2012, he launched an online electronic cigarette company with two partners. Within the first two years the company saw a remarkable growth turning over more than £250k a month with over 50 employees, launching their first retail store in 2013. 

Syed has worked with many social enterprises including colleges and Department for Work and Pensions, giving employment opportunities to the local community. 

Syed continues to help start-up businesses and mentoring both in England and now in Canada, where he has settled since 2019. 

Pradip Karanjit

Pradip holds MBA in International Health Services Management with years of experience as a very senior manager in the National Health Services underpinning a proven record in operational management, clinical safety, performance, and financial governance. significant operational, project/programme management, service redesign/improvement and change management experience.

Pradip has a track record of successfully leading teams to deliver operational challenges, delivering programmes, effective financial management.

He has keen interest in leadership supported by well-established leadership skills. He is keen in coaching and developing individuals based on their ability and interest. 

Andrew Watson

My name is Andrew Watson and I am the Training Principal for the Appeals, Litigation and Administrative Review for the Home Office.  I have been a solicitor for the last twenty years working in the public sector and teaching undergraduate and post graduate students. 

Antony Fletcher

Antony manages AICPA & CIMA's relationships with educational establishments in London and the South East of England, working with and promoting opportunities with AICPA & CIMA's employer partners, and raising awareness of the benefits of becoming a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA).   He is a BSc (Hons) Economics and History graduate and also holds an MSc in Economic History.

Jamie-Leigh Tinsley

My name is Jamie-Leigh Tinsley, I have been working at Protocol Education since October 2021 and have worked in education recruitment for the past 5 years. I started off supporting Primary Schools across Lancashire & Cumbria and when I relocated to London, I began working with Secondary Schools across London.  I have a passion for recruitment and there’s no better feeling than being the gateway to supporting candidates into their dream role!

What roles we recruit for: Cover Supervisors, Academic Mentors, Qualified Teachers, Behaviour Mentors, Tutors, Unqualified Teacher, Teaching Assistants and many others.

Claire Maynard

I work as the Outreach Lead for Central East (Tower Hamlets and Hackney). My priorities for the Outreach team are:

  • to build connections and confidence in low trust communities through partnership working and via our Community Outreach Fund beneficiaries
  • to inform people about the variety of opportunities and career progression within policing, detailing the pathways at public events, virtual and in person sessions.
  • to inspire local people to bring their lived experience and skills to meet the needs of the rich diversity we celebrate in London, creating a more inclusive and representative Met.
  • to support individuals, irrespective of socio-economic factors, through positive action, so candidates feel confident, competent and ready to apply to join the Met. 

We support events and activities that positively engage with further education providers, faith communities, local groups, charities and statutory partners.

I have previously worked in the charity sector, driving diversity, inclusion for younger people, creating intergenerational opportunities and challenging organisations to be truly reflective of the communities they aim to serve, engage and educate.  Key motivators in my role are about unlocking potential in people, organisations and communities, building confidence and sharing career opportunities so that they are accessible and engaging.

Joe Davis

I am a criminal defence solicitor currently practicing law in South Wales at Driscoll Young Solicitors. 

I began my legal career practicing Personal Injury law, but quickly found this was not for me.  Like many young lawyers, once you find yourself in a particular field of law it can be extremely difficult to branch out into another.  Fortunately, through much persistence, I found a job in London in Criminal Law.  I started from the bottom and worked my way up – to the point where I am now a duty accredited solicitor with 7 years of experience in the field; dealing with anything from theft to murder.  I have now found an area of practice I truly enjoy; and can genuinely say that I love my job.

I have now moved to South Wales to start a family and took up a position at Driscoll Young in September of 2022.  Before beginning my career in law I taught English as Foreign Language across Europe and South East Asia; returning to complete my LPC at Cardiff University and move into the legal profession.  I have also completed a Masters Degree in Legal Practice with particular focus on Sports Law. 

My route to qualification and criminal law has been an indirect one.  I started off seeking a soccer scholarship in the US before settling on an art degree in the UK.  After one year of studying art I quickly realised this was more of a passion project than a career choice, and opted to switch to law.  We are many years down the line now, but what I would say is that there is no need to settle for the path which is easiest, or which you have fallen into.  There is always another direction to explore.

Outside of work, I am very passionate about writing, and have recently agreed a publishing contract for my first book which I hope will be published this Autumn.

Pippa Stanier-Moore

I started my career in retail and through various training programmes worked my way into management and running my own stores for several major brands. Having worked in retail for over 12 years I decided I wanted to follow a passion of mine and so studied for my degree in HR Management whilst still working full time. This led me to look for roles in the HR sector and I took a temporary position in recruitment for a NDPB (non-departmental public body). Whilst I was there, I came across a role at the House of Commons for a Recruitment Manager. I have since held two other roles at Parliament and have worked here for 7 years. I am currently the Apprenticeships and Early Careers Manager and love every moment!

Florian Valmy-Devillers

Florian Valmy-Devillers is the Director of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation Chapter UK & Europe, a membership organisation strong of 65+public and private sector members. His current role allows him to market the Caribbean region across the UK and Europe. The CTO Chapter delivers over 40 activities annually, targeting media, travel trade, tourism stakeholders and consumers in the UK & key European source markets for the Caribbean region. Florian has organised high-level projects at the ministerial level such as missions to the European Commission in Brussels and networking forums with diplomatic missions including both government and non-government organisations for tourism ministers, executives, and media. Undoubtedly an expert in Tourism Development, Florian speaks three languages fluently and travelled the globe extensively working on international tourism projects in five continents. Florian holds a master’s degree in International Affairs majoring in Tourism, and his ultimate career goal is to contribute to the blueprint which will lead to a more sustainable, inclusive and equitable future for all through tourism.

Benjamin Vis

Benjamin Vis is a Local Business Manager for Metro Bank. Benjamin has been working in banking for 7 years and has found the key to his success has come from developing strong meaningful relationships both internally within his organisation, as well as building a strong community network which benefits both to his business development activities but also to his goals to supporting the wider community. Community is at the heart of everything Benjamin dose, he looks to build businesses individually by providing financial products, strategic business advises and by connecting local businesses together to develop a work together, grow together mentality. Additionally, Benjamin spends a lot of his free time supporting local charities, raising funds through fundraising challenges and connecting charities with strong strategic partners.

Darragh O’Shaughnessy

Talent Acquisition Manager - Hyatt Hotels London

Darragh moved to London in 2006 to join the Red Carnation Hotel Collection following his studies at the Shannon College of Hotel Management in his native Ireland. Upon completion of the Graduate Programme, he took on the role of Guest Relations Manager at Hotel 41 located opposite Buckingham Palace, and later the position of Restaurant Manager at the Rubens at the Palace Hotel.

In 2010, following an encounter with a HR Director at Hilton Hotels, his career path took a different route and he became the Chef Recruitment Manager for Hilton Hotels UK. Darragh’s career path in HR and Talent Attraction continued with roles at Harris + Hoole (coffee/food retail), the Gordon Ramsay Group, a return to Red Carnation Hotels where he oversaw recruitment and talent management for the collection, and most recently at Hyatt Hotels where he supports multiple hotels with their hiring needs and strategy.


Deputy Senior District Judge (Deputy Chief Magistrate) of England and Wales.

Tan was born and schooled in Slough, Berkshire. He graduated in law from Wolverhampton Polytechnic, is bencher at Inner Temple and also admitted as a solicitor.

Tan was appointed to the Bench in 2003 and to full time office in 2009. He was appointed the Deputy Senior District Judge (Chief Magistrate) in 2017 and is now ‘ticketed’ to hear extradition and terrorism cases and was previously, an Associate Judge of HM Court of Episkopi & Dhekelia in Cyprus. He also sits as a judge of the Crown Court on the Midlands Circuit.

He is also the Deputy Lead Diversity and Community Relations Judge, one of the editors of the Equal Treatment Bench Book and a member of the judiciary’s Diversity Committee.

He is a contributing editor of Archbold Magistrates’ Court Criminal Practice 2023 and Archbold Criminal Pleading, Evidence & Practice 2023. He was made CBE in the 2022 New Years’ honours list and Deputy Lieutenant for Berkshire. He is a Visiting Professor and honorary Doctor of Laws (LLD) of the University of West London.

Wuraola Ekajeh

Wuraola Ekajeh is a Consultant Digital Business Analyst and has worked with different reputable organisations within the UK. She is a proud graduate of Anglia Ruskin University with 1st class degree in International Business Management (BSc Hon) and bagged a Merit in International Project Management (MSc).

She was inspired to start a career in project management, later pursued a career in information technology due to her inquisitive nature. Wuraola is a member of Association of Business Executives, Project Management Institutes, owns Certificate in Scrum (PSO1) and Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis. She mentors and coaches within her organisation and community, in wellbeing, businesses and career opportunities. Wuraola received an “Outstanding Leadership Impact Award” in December 2022. She enjoys spending time with her family, travelling, keeping up to date with BA trend and volunteering her coaching skills within her community as a way of giving back.

Laurent Schauder

The General Manager behind the successful opening of Hyatt Regency London Blackfriars with over 20 years of experience, and having worked for multiple Hyatt Hotels, Laurent Schauder aims to use his global knowledge to deliver unrivalled hospitality to the newly opened Hyatt Regency London Blackfriars.

After originally starting his career with Hyatt in Birmingham as an F&B trainee, Laurent has now been with Hyatt for over 20 years. His career has taken him all around the world, but he has now returned to the UK where it all started for him. He previously served as Hotel Manager at Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill between 2015-2019. Laurent has worked for various Hyatt hotels in multiple countries such as the United States, France, Spain, Switzerland, Chile and Bulgaria and is incredibly passionate about the industry.

As one of the pre-opening team members at Hyatt Regency London Blackfriars, Laurent was responsible for the refurbishment project, which included uplifting and rebranding the property into a five-star sophisticated hotel in central London. He also acts as the primary strategic leader of the hotel to oversee all aspects of hotel operations, including guest and associate satisfaction, human resources, financial performance and sales and revenue generation. He intends to establish the new Blackfriars location as a new must-visit London hotel thanks to his extensive understanding of hotels around the world and the local approach that all Hyatt Regency Hotels are recognised for. Laurent comments: “My aim is to position Hyatt Regency London Blackfriars as a premium and sophisticated hotel destination in the heart of the City. A vibrant and dynamic hub, where quality is never compromised to our customers, clients, partners and employees.”

About Hyatt Regency London Blackfriars Launched in May 2023.

Hyatt Regency London Blackfriars is the ninth Hyatt opening in the city, signalling Hyatt’s expanding brand footprint in the United Kingdom. Marking a key milestone in Hyatt’s strategic brand growth in the U.K. capital, the 205-room hotel is the 14th property in the country to participate in the World of Hyatt loyalty program, demonstrating Hyatt’s vision for the United Kingdom as a priority growth market within its diverse and evolving brand portfolio. In the last five years, Hyatt has increased its presence in the UK from 5 to 13 properties, with 6 of those based in London. Housed in a historical building on the former grounds of King Henry VIII’s Bridewell Palace, Hyatt Regency London Blackfriars claims a prime spot in the City of London business and leisure district, home to global corporations, influential businesses, and law firms.

Guests are able to stay connected to all that the capital has to offer, with Blackfriars Underground and Rail stations, minutes away. Many of London’s most popular attractions, including St Paul’s Cathedral, Tate Modern and Shakespeare’s Globe are within walking distance from the hotel’s doors. In line with the Hyatt Regency brand ethos, the hotel has been intuitively designed for productivity and peace of mind, with an environment for guests to work, engage or relax. Sophisticated guestrooms and suites boast contemporary finishes, high-end amenities, and dedicated workspaces. Three dynamic and diverse food and beverage concepts are poised to become new local culinary destinations, whilst a trio of optimised meeting spaces are on offer to host a wide range of dedicated meeting & events space in the hotel’s desirable central London location.Guests also benefit from access to a 24/7 state-of-the-art fitness centre.

For further PR enquiries, please contact olivia@poshcockney.co.uk

Claire Stevens

Claire Stevens – Principal Consultant Merrifield Consultants London

Having started her career in retail, Claire then moved into hospitality where she managed a bar in the City of London for many years.  She then moved into Office Management/PA roles before starting her career in recruitment.  Claire has worked for the Huntress Group for the last 20 years starting as a Consultant placing temporary candidates into positions and working her way to Director level.  Following covid Claire decided it was time to move away from management and is back in a Consulting position, recruiting into the NFP and Membership sector. 

Claire is a Principal Consultant at Merrifield Consultants with 25 years’ recruitment experience. She focuses on supporting her clients with Membership, Events, Project, Programmes, HR, and Business Support positions within the Membership and NFP sector. She prides herself on building strong, working relationships with her clients to fully understand their organisation’s culture, enabling her to find them the best candidates. Incredibly down to earth, open, and honest, Claire’s candidates and clients know they can trust her, and she has both their best interests in mind.

Donatella Cerruti

Talent and Development Coordinator

I have started my career in hospitality 24 years ago. I have worked in all the hotel departments in several countries such as Egypt, Greece, the United States, and Germany. I also had my own little hotel in Italy for 10 years.

I have a deep passion for hospitality and customer care. 5 years ago, I came to England and attended Edge Hotel School (University of Essex) and obtained a BA degree in Hospitality management. Since then, I worked in London as a Recruiter first (Leonardo's Hotel) and for a recruitment agency then. I have completed an L5 Diploma in L&D and currently I am employed at Broadwick Soho, a 5-star luxury boutique hotel that will open in a month time.

Sergeant Pascal Zgambo

Sergeant Pascal Zgambo joined the Royal Air Force in October 2007 and passed out of Recruit Training Squadron at RAF Halton in January 2008. On successful completion of trade training at the Catering Training Squadron at RAF Halton, he qualified as a Logistic Air and Ground Steward and was subsequently posted to RAF Benson. During his service at RAF Benson, he completed a short VIP tour of Buckingham Palace as a personal steward to the Royal Household’s Chief of Staff. In April 2010 he attended the Advanced Caterer Course at RAF Halton. In July 2010 he was posted to 3 Mobile Catering Squadron based at RAF Wittering. During this time, he undertook a tour of BFSAI Falklands as the Junior Catering Accountant within the Tri-service Catering and Rations Squadron for a period of five months. In June 2012, he deployed to London in support of Op Olympic for a period of four months. In October 2015 he was promoted to Cpl and subsequently posted to the Defence School of Logistics at Worthy Down Barracks as a Caterer Instructor, teaching basic students and mentoring advanced students on their promotion course. During this tour, in October 2017 he was awarded the late Sqn Ldr Penny Lowe Caterer of the Year Trophy in recognition of his service and efforts to TG19’s training delivery. On completion of this tour in December 2017, he was posted within the Food Services Training Wing as the TG19 Apprenticeship Centre’s Internal Quality Assurer.

He was promoted to Sgt in December 2019 and posted to the Aviator Command School as a Defence Trainer on the Junior Management and Leadership Course completing a 3-year tour. In January 2023, he was posted to RAF Northolt as SNCO Careers Engagement responsible for London. He is a staunch supporter of the Royal Air Forces Association (RAFA), devoting most of his spare time to RAFA as an Honorary Welfare Officer. In July 2018, he was awarded a long service medal by the late HRH the Queen at Buckingham Palace in recognition of his service and devotion to the Confederation of Service Charities. Passionate about championing Diversity and Inclusion across Defence, he has previously sat on the MOD’s Race Network as the only Non-Commissioned Officer reporting directly to the Chief of Defence Staff’s committee. A holder of a Post Graduate Diploma in Education and MA Degree in Further Education from Plymouth University, he is currently a PhD student with Exeter University on a partial scholarship, studying military history. He currently resides in Acton, London.Sgt Pascal Zgambo MA, BA(Hons), PGDipEd, FInstLM, ACMI fCMgr, RPTAG

Pablo Orvananos

Sustainability Consulting Lead        

Consulting & Advisory - EMEA

Hitachi Digital ServicesAs the Head of Global Sustainability Consulting at Hitachi Vantara, he is dedicated to helping businesses accelerate their transition to renewable energy and embrace sustainability using data-driven approaches. With an extensive 19-year background in innovation, growth, and sustainability, he has a proven record of solving complex challenges across various industries and markets.

Before joining Hitachi Vantara, he held key roles in renowned consultancy firms, where he guided global companies like HSBC, Mitsubishi, Diageo, Equinor, and P&G in overcoming their environmental and social hurdles. He led the creation of sustainable business strategies, data-powered techniques, and collaborations involving multiple stakeholders. He also played a pivotal role in devising growth strategies through customer insights, strategic uniqueness, and innovative business models.

His true passion lies in merging innovation and technology to shape a brighter future in the ever-evolving digital landscape. He envisions a world where ingenuity and sustainability intersect to drive lasting positive change.

Sunil Bhatt

Mental Health Act Lead

St Matthews Healthcare


In a career journey dedicated to healthcare excellence, Sunil Bhatt serves as the Mental Health Act/Mental Capacity Act (MHA/MCA) Lead. His commitment to improving healthcare access and patient outcomes in the UK began with an MBA in Healthcare at Anglia Ruskin University London as an International student in 2014.


Sunil's passion for healthcare was ignited during early volunteering experiences with Conwy Borough Council, where he worked as an Approved Landlord Officer. In this role, he supported vulnerable adults with budgeting, maintaining tenancy, and essential life skills, leaving a lasting impression and garnering praise from council project managers and landlords. This experience prompted Sunil to pursue further education in healthcare at Anglia Ruskin University London.

His journey continued with a six-month work placement at St Matthews Healthcare in January 2015, where he worked as a Health Care Assistant and HR/MHA Administrator. St Matthews Healthcare offers a wide range of mental health care, rehabilitation, and integrated care services, including hospital wards for detained patients, care for chronic mental health conditions, specialist care for adults with enduring mental health problems, and much more.


Sunil's dedication and hard work earned him a promotion to HR/MHA Manager in 2016. In 2021, he was appointed as the MHA/MCA Lead for the entire organisation, responsible for overseeing three hospitals and seven care homes across England.

His notable contributions include implementing a streamlined patient incident analysis tool in 2015, launching MHA audit tools, and creating checklists and processes for the MHA department, resulting in a robust system for MHA compliance. Sunil also offers in-house workshops to enhance the understanding of mental health act legislation among nurses and doctors.


He organises MHA/MCA legislation training annually through external solicitors for staff, achieving 100% MHA KPIs for the organisation. Sunil has garnered compliments from CQC inspectors for robust MHA processes and legal section papers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he facilitated all service user meetings via Teams, offered out-of-hour MHA support, addressed section paper errors and validity, and supported agency staff with MHA processes.


Sunil remains up-to-date with MHA/MCA legislation, having completed online courses and attended training in healthcare to stay informed about industry changes. He collaborates closely with the executive committee and directors.

Currently serving as the MHA/MCA lead at St Matthews Healthcare, Sunil oversees three hospitals and seven care homes. His future goals include expanding healthcare services' reach to underserved communities, adapting to new MHA laws currently in discussion, and advocating for healthcare policy changes to enhance patient care and wellbeing. Additionally, he chairs Local Governance Meetings across the group, demonstrating his commitment to comprehensive healthcare governance.


Sunil Bhatt's story is a testament to a lifelong commitment to healthcare, marked by passion, dedication, and a profound impact on the healthcare landscape.

Harun Matin

Head of Crime KC Solicitors. 

I am the head of crime department and director at KC Solicitors. It is a high street law firm that caters to the community both in East London and Luton. We primarily focus on criminal defence and family law cases including cases with an international aspect. I am a criminal defence solicitor of over 12 years’ experience. In my practice I have focused on extradition and human rights cases, but do deal with all kinds of cases in criminal defence. 

In terms of my background, I am the first generation in my family to graduate to University, my parents came to the UK in the 70's.

I graduated from Queen Mary with a law degree, took some time away from Law by travelling the world and teaching English as a foreign language. I returned to the UK, completed my LPC and managed to obtain a training contract and thereby qualify as a solicitor.

Prior to working in legal practice, I worked as teacher, in retail, in court administration, football coaching so a varied work experience. 

I was up until last year a director of National Legal Service solicitors and was instrumental in that firm developing into a nationwide firm within 6 years. 

Asomi Ithia

Senior Product Management Professional.

Asomi Ithia is a senior product management professional, with experience working across all stages of the product life cycle for organisations such as Barclays, BT, Cognizant, 02, Sky & Thomson Reuters. Using 20+ years of knowledge and insights, he has authored 4 product management books (productmanagementseries.com), as well as mentoring product people, co-hosting a monthly product meet-up and writing and speaking on the topic.

Stephen Whitwell

Acting Assistant Director Specialist Appeals Team & Training Principal Appeals, Litigation and Administrative Review.

I am solicitor who is currently an Assistant Director in the Specialist Appeals Team and Training Principal within Appeals, Litigation and Administrative Review, a Directorate within the Home Office which manages appeal before the Upper Tribunal of the Immigration & Asylum Chamber together with our legal training programmes.

Hassan Gohar

Finance Manager FedEx UK and Ireland

Hassan Gohar is a distinguished Finance Manager with a passion for nurturing the next generation of professionals. An alumnus of Anglia Ruskin University, London, he maintains a strong connection to his alma mater. Hassan's journey from a graduate to an employer is a testament to his commitment to continuous learning and career development.

During his student years, Hassan availed himself of the services provided by the Employer Engagement Team at Anglia Ruskin University, which played a pivotal role in shaping his career trajectory. Now, as the Finance Manager for FedEx UK and Ireland, he brings a unique perspective to the hiring process, understanding the challenges faced by recent graduates. 

In addition to his role at FedEx, Hassan remains connected to Anglia Ruskin University, reflecting his dedication to giving back to the institution that played a crucial role in his own professional journey. His empathetic approach to hiring and emphasis on maintaining a positive mindset contribute to his reputation as a mentor and guide for aspiring professionals in the field of finance.


Hazel Joseph

Deputy Director of Care Nightingale Hammerson

I was born and raised in Guyana, during my childhood I have always admired my aunt who was a nurse and drew my inspiration and admiration for the nursing profession at age sixteen I completed my secondary school examination known as the Caribbean Examination Certificate (CXC or A levels) and began my nursing career a year later at age seventeen. At age nineteen I qualified as an Assistant nurse (in 1992). I was not being satisfied being an Assistant nurse so I went on to further my nursing career and was qualified as a registered nurse in 2002 where I worked in several hospitals in Guyana before migrating to Montserrat in 2003. My dislike for bedside nursing led me to further my studies as an operating theatre nurse in 2004 where I worked predominantly as a surgical nurse (Scrub Nurse) supporting the surgeons during various surgical operations in 2006 I migrated to the UK (South Wales) where I was assigned to work in a care home. During that working experience, I developed a passion and love for elderly care. During my time working in health and social care. I attend several courses to broaden my knowledge in relation to elderly care in 2009 I migrated to London in search of a better opportunity to develop my career as a leader and more so as a manager within the health and social care fraternity. I have fortunately applied my knowledge and was appointed as Senior Lead Nurse in 90-bed care Within six months of working as a Senior Lead Nurse, I was offered a role as the Clinical Lead Nurse role and this was mainly due to my organizational, management, and leadership skills. In 2012 I was headhunted by a recruitment company and was successfully appointed Unit Manager at Nightingale Hammerson (Nightingale House South London Home) However, not satisfied with the level I was at in relation to the leadership and managerial skills I had attained in practice and the desire to broaden my knowledge. I decided to attend South Thames Colleges in Tooting where I successfully completed a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People's Services. Having attained my QCF level 5 qualification in 2013, I was approached by the Directors of Care of Nightingale Hammerson to become the registered manager of Hammerson House and was appointed as the Registered Manager. It was during this period I was able to practice and develop my leadership and managerial skills. Expand my knowledge and understanding of health and social care in 2017 I worked closely with the Senior Leadership team and successfully decommissioned Hammerson House so it could be reconstructed. Following the decommissioning of Hammers House, I was appointed Education and Development Manager within the organization for a short period and later resigned from the role. During the rebuilding of Hammerson House, I continued to work with other care organizations as a Registered Manager further expanding my leadership and managerial skills within health and social care. In 2020 I was once again approached by the Director of Care to return to Nightingale Hammerson. I was appointed as Care Quality improvement lead for a short period and later the Deputy Director of Care and Registered Manager of Hammerson House in 2021. I currently have the overall responsibility y of managing Hammerson House which has the capacity to house 116 residents and leads a team of over 200 team members.

Robie Ramos

Senior Associate, Employment and Immigration - Eversheds Sutherland.

My name is Robie Christian Reyes Ramos and I am a Senior Associate at Eversheds Sutherland (International) LLP. I studied Law at Anglia Ruskin University London and graduated in 2017.

Before qualifying as a solicitor, I worked and trained at one of Anglia Ruskin University London’s partners, Barar & Associates Limited.

Thanks to the tremendous help that I received from the Employability team, especially Anita Virik, I was able to secure an internship at Barar & Associates alongside my studies.

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